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    How You Can
    You can make it work by applying simple pointers.

Making Marriage Work

What should you do if your love story doesn’t look like it’s going to end in “Happily Ever After”? Even when things start to get bad, there are still steps that can be taken to salvage a relationship. If you’re willing to try everything to save your marriage, then hope isn’t lost just yet. Here are a few of our top tips for rescuing a marriage in trouble.

  • Work On Changing Yourself
    It makes success a lot easier

    First of all, acknowledge that you can’t shift all the blame or responsibility to your spouse, and that both of you will have to work to make things better. It takes two people to argue, and pointing fingers will make things harder to fix. If you’re trying to save a marriage, then the first step to take is to admit to your own flaws, and resolve to do things better.

  • Take The First Step
    Don't wait for your spouse to start it off

    Next, be proactive in the relationship. Do something nice for your spouse. Be kind to them when they’re having a rough time. Write a love letter, initiate intimacy, or remind them how much you care. Taking a few steps forward can start repairing the relationship and may encourage your partner to follow along.

  • Try Relationship Therapy
    Your marriage may depend on it

    Be sure to get professional help if you need it. Before you start looking for divorce lawyers, though, remember that splitting up should be a last resort. Instead, marriage counseling or relationship therapy can help you and your partner work out some of your biggest differences. Sometimes it takes a third party to help you see what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.

It's Team Work

Finally, reevaluate your mentality. Your relationship with your partner shouldn’t be “Me vs. You”—it should be “Us vs. The World”. You aren’t competing for a best spouse award; you’re playing on the same team. Recognize that you and your spouse are both in this together, and you’ll have to work it out together. With a little teamwork and these handy tips, you might be able to save your marriage after all.

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